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Mofongo Restaurant in Reading, PA.

A Hispanic restaurant in Reading especially Dominican and Puerto Rican food, with our famous Mofongo, but what is mofongo?

Mofongo is a typical dish from Puerto Rico, but has also been incorporated into Dominican cuisine for a long time. This dish consists of green plantain fried and then mashed in a pilon with pork rinds. The mofongo can be accompanied with any type of meat or seafood and here at Mofongo restaurant we have all the meats and seafood to choose from.

We are located at 124 S. 5th street in Reading, PA Tel. 610-743-4277

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Mofongo Restaurant en Reading, PA.

Un restaurant hispano en Reading especialmente comida dominicana y de Puerto Rico, con nuestro famoso Mofongo, pero que es mofongo?

Mofongo es un plato tipico de Puerto Rico, pero tambien incorporado a la cocina dominicana desde hace mucho tiempo.  Este plato consiste en platano verde frito y luego majado en un pilon con chicharron de cerdo. El mofongo puede ser acompanado con cualquier tipo de carnes o de mariscos y aqui en Mofongo restaurant tenemos todas las carnes y mariscos para elegir.

Estamos localizado en 124 S. 5th street en Reading, PA Tel. 610-743-4277

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